Road Tripping USA – USA

Our month in the USA came to an end last Tuesday evening when we made our way back across the Atlantic to Europe. We had a blast, played some great golf courses, met some great people, ate some good food, crossed seven States and saw so many things. Road tripping in the USA is easy and we would thoroughly recommend it.

Just a quick recap….

First up was New York for the US Open – an awesome experience – we’ll be back.


Next stop Iowa State where we met up with Nick and the boys from the Cyclones Golf Team and were introduced to college life in the USA. It was a real pleasure meeting such friendly, talented and humble young men.


We then got within an hour of Chicago and played at Cog Hill where Steve had the time of his life finding so many golf balls. Did a train trip into the city of Chicago where we did a Segway tour of the waterfront – freezing but fun. Loved the city and wished we had spent more time in there.


Next stop was Notre Dame University in South Bend where we played the Warren Course. It was then off to south Indiana to play Kampen Golf Course before driving further south to Indianapolis to play The Fort Golf Club where we met Shaun and Leigh from Kentucky and spent a great afternoon with them at the local pub due to the wet weather outside.


The people of Kentucky were probably the friendliest we met on our travels even if we couldn’t understand a lot of what they were saying! The weather was great and we enjoyed both the University of Kentucky courses as well as Kearney Hill. It was a pleasure meeting Shaun Jackson on the Unique Farm Horse Tour and seeing the horse capital of the world. Sonya at the Lexington Inn made Steve’s week talking about little white tusses (although hers was a much darker shade).


Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountain, Shenandoah River
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mamma
Take me home, country roads

We sang this song as we crossed into West Virginia – one of my all time favourite songs. We had a couple of days in Charleston enjoying the mountain air before heading to The Greenbrier which is graced by the gentry of the US and two Kiwis looking to play the fancy pants golf courses there. The courses were stunning and the surrounding vistas added to the enjoyment.


Washington D.C. one of the safest places on the planet was our next stop. There is such a high police presence and with good reason I suppose – this is were the President of the USA resides. We swapped our car for a trolley bus and saw the sights of which there are many. My favourite city – I loved roaming around here and the fact that just about all the memorials, museums and other attractions are free is amazing. I also learnt what D.C. stood for – the District of Columbia – Washington is a District and not a State. It is good to learn something new everyday – keeps us young : )


We swapped the trolley bus for the Amtrak and headed back to where it all began – New York City. This time though we spent three days roaming the subway popping up like Meerkats at all the amazing sights this crazy but cool city has to offer. We had a fantastic time and would do it all again in a heart beat : )


State and District plaques courtesy of the World War II memorial in Washington D.C. – District of Columbia that is for those that didn’t know ; )


This blog was originally set up to share our 9 month adventure around Europe and the USA with friends and family in 2014. On returning to NZ in January 2015 I decided to carry it on so I could continue to share any future travel adventures - it has become my electronic travel diary. I hope you enjoy and get inspired to visit some of the wonderful places we have visited.
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2 Responses to Road Tripping USA – USA

  1. Vicky Wilks-Jasmat says:

    Amazing trip. On to the next big adventure. Have fun. Xx vick

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  2. Catherine LAMB says:

    Excellent summary. Can’t wait to hear about Spain!

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