Champions Gate Golf Club – National Course – Florida, USA

We left New York on Wednesday morning and flew to Orlando.  We successfully navigated our way back to JFK on the Subway and AirTrain.  We came across one of those crazy people I mentioned in my previous post – this woman approached me at Jamaica Station just before we went up to catch the AirTrain and asked if she could have our MetroCards – I said that we still needed them.  She then approached a few other people also and obviously they turned her down too because she started ranting and raving and following us up the escalator shouting ‘you bas…d’s should all be deported, you won’t be allowed back into the United States’.  We carried on our merry way and are pretty sure we’ll be allowed back in the country next time we visit : )

We arrived into Orlando mid afternoon, picked up our rental car and navigated our way to where we are staying for the next 12 nights.

We had a sleep in on Thursday and then decided to go exploring.  Steve said to dress for golf as you never know where we might end up and sure enough we ended up at a golf course!  We decided to play a round at Champions Gate which in hindsight was a bit of a mistake.  The course wasn’t in the best condition and we got stuck behind a group that had a few non golfers in it.  We ended up pairing up with Tony & Chris – Tony was originally from Florida but lived in Texas and Chris was originally from Texas but lived in Florida.  Tony was your typical Yank – he loved the sound of his own voice!  He was actually quite a good golfer and had quite a theatrical finish after he teed off so we named him the “Gael Monfils of golf.’
It was one of the longest rounds of golf in my life!

There are actually two courses at Champions Gate – the National Course and the International Course – both were designed by Greg Norman.


This blog was originally set up to share our 9 month adventure around Europe and the USA with friends and family in 2014. On returning to NZ in January 2015 I decided to carry it on so I could continue to share any future travel adventures - it has become my electronic travel diary. I hope you enjoy and get inspired to visit some of the wonderful places we have visited.
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